snagit11box“Free isn’t always cheap” 

It is easy to be lulled into using free software such as the Snipping Tool, which in reality isn’t FREE because you pay for it when you purchase Windows. Well, there is always a cost in using free software.

Then, how would you express your business intentions or proposals with clients?  Take note that how you communicate tells much about how you do business. How can you expect a prospect believe by sending him an email proposal attached with a draft-looking screen presentation? Think of that.

Snipping Tool produces amateur-looking screen captures, but not Snagit. It comes with complete customization features, helping you convey the right message to just about anyone- business prospects, clients, employees, business partners and colleagues.

Free Snipping Tool costs business because it does not produce the results you originally envisioned. Instead, it ruins a presentation more than you think it could.

A well-developed tool such as Snagit lets you to apply customization to meet your goals and come up with a good presentation.

It allows you to capture and edit your screen shots on the spot using the Snagit Editor. No matter how you want screen captures and recordings to come out, you can achieve it with Snagit.

Bottom line,

The cost attached with Snagit is worth all its great features. If you want to communicate smarter and work more productively, use only a multi-awarded screen capturing and recording tool—Snagit 11. It’s the best way to reach out to your audience in the most professional manner.

See what Snagit can take your business. Forget about Snipping tool. It’s not worth your genius. 

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