LisaTime to publish the rest of the interview with Lisa. She sent me a suitable picture for halloween 🙂

In the first part Lisa was telling us some Snagit secrets. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, that’s the place to start.

Today Lisa will share some funny experiences she has had related to Snagit.

So Lisa, take it away, do you have any funny Snagit stories to share?

I have so many good stories from working with our customers. I received a call one day from a parent whose son was using SnagIt (and Camtasia Studio) for their project for the science fair. The judges of the competition were so impressed that the student not only won hands down but his project went off to be judged in the National Science Fair in Washington, D.C.

That’s a winner to me!! I’ve got many funny stories as well. Recently our VP of Business Development went to China for a business trip. Some of the ladies there told him on numerous occasions that he looks like Colonel Sanders. We think not. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to snag his head and place it over the snagged image of the face of Col. Sanders on a bucket of chicken and send it to him and select coworkers! He was glad we didn’t see the resemblance!

I also recently doctored up a photo for a friend who was in the dating scene. He had a picture from a camping trip at waters edge with his shirt off. He had a bit of a pot-belly (from too much beer) but wanted to use that photo. Well, thanks to SnagIt my friend now looks like he has a trim stomach! He’s a devoted SnagIt user now. 😉

That’s cool. I agree there are plenty of fun things you can do with the Snagit Editor. So what about funny client stories?

I had a husband call me one day to order a second license of SnagIt a few days after his first purchase. He said that he and his wife were fighting over whom could use the license because they both wanted to use the software. They knew that only one person could use the one license.

Well, she got early the next morning, grabbed the software box and ran off with it to work! I guess the early bird really does get the worm!

I also had a customer contact me from Iraq. He was a Marine stationed over there; his family was here in the states. He wanted to email photos of him and his fellow patriots having fun and playing sports in the camp but they were too large and some details were not allowed to be transmitted. He was able to purchase a license to use SnagIt, doctor the photos, blur out some details and send a much smaller file home to his family. They have since recommended it to other soldiers and their families for this purpose.

And, by the way, I have used SnagIt SIX times since completing this interview!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Lisa.

Always my pleasure to work with you, Peter.