Exciting news, Snagit 2022 is out!

If you have an active maintenance agreement, this new version is included, just follow the instructions in the software. If you don’t have maintenance, you can upgrade here.

A couple of notes regarding the new version. As usual, when a new version with significant new features is released, it is good to have a backup, and so…

First off, make sure you do a backup of your library before upgrading, as some people have reported problems with missing files in the library, for example, renamed files have disappeared.

You can keep your previous version installed and use 2022 at the same time. This may be wise to keep both versions for a while.

The new Snagit save file format is SnagX. And Snagit automatically switches over to this new format. The advantage of the format is that you can go back and edit your captures, as well as compatibility between PC and Mac. But if you prefer jpg, you will need to change this in the settings.

I am looking more into these issues, and I am sure they will be solved promptly.


Cloud Library Storage
Highly requested feature, store your library in the cloud to access your captures from any computer with automatic backup.
Cross-Platform File Format
Now you can open and edit the same Snagit files on both Windows and Mac computers.
Cross-Platform Tool Consistency
Tools consistency between Windows and Mac. Enjoy all Mac features on PC, and vice versa.
Picture-in-Picture Video
Record your screen and webcam at the same time with Snagit’s Picture-in-Picture feature.
Video Improvements
Snagit 2022 features an upgraded video engine for greater stability, improved audio and video syncing, and better compatibility with a larger variety of webcams.

Excited to hear your thoughts on the new version ?