Learn MoreHello Snagit for Mac Users! I know that it’s been quite hard for you to add some of our stamps on your OS. Basically, you cannot add stamps, but that’s for Snagit 1 for Mac. Well, I guess, there are some improvements that TechSmith, Snagit’s publisher, has done something to make ‘adding stamps to Snagit for Mac’ possible.

On Forums, I found this question: “Is it possible to add stamps to Snagit for Mac?”

A TechSmith employee says “No.” But, definitely, it’s something that they’re looking at. (…that’s before the creation of the Snagit Version 2 for Mac). Today, it’s totally different from what our fellow users have experienced before.

For the Snagit Version 2 for Mac:

  1. On your Snagit, go to the Snagit menu.
  2. Click on Import Stamps.
  3. Browse your Stamps files.
  4. Select which images to be imported.
  5. Click ‘open.’
  6. That’s it. You can save it in your custom folder for present or future use.

Add Folders So Your Stamps Can Get More Organized.

  1. Exit from your Snagit.
  2. Open the ‘Finder.’
  3. Follow this path>/Users//Library/ApplicationSupport/TechSmith/Snagit/Stamps/Custom
  4. Drag and drop or move your stamps to the folders in your ‘custom’ folder found in Finder.
  5. Restart Snagit.

This should work and display all the folders and their stamp contents in a very organized manner.

If you would have some questions about your hidden folders, you can go through the same procedure and place your folders in your bundle application. Then, you should upgrade to version 2.

*This should make the hidden folder, which commonly loads when you start the software, disappear. Contact TechSmith if this doesn’t solve the problem.

Overview on how to use stamps, images, etc. for Snagit v2 Mac

Nonetheless, you can view this tutorial to watch the video yourself. It’s actually so basic to add stamps using your Mac. Hope this post helps. By the way, if you have other questions about using your Snagit for Mac, please post them below. I’ll try my very best to answer them for you. Next time, we would be featuring other tutorials for Snagit on Mac. Stay tuned!

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