Turn your presentation, report or website content into a compelling and eye-pleasing one by using any of the SuperStamps 3D Guys (Featured in Callouts Monthly Specials) FREE!

Lately, you might have noticed how blogs and websites, whether for personal or business use, are shifting from the textual to the visual approach in presenting their content, or maybe both techniques. You might be thinking that to include such animations and graphics into your site, document or presentation would be costly.

Well, it could be quite expensive to hire graphic artists and designers but that is if you’re yet to discover Callouts.com and SuperStamps 3D.

Did you know that this collection of 210 3D graphics could be downloaded straight and use in any content, presentation or report without any hassle at all? Yes, that’s right and even people without technical skills can use these 3D people straight into an editor application, Microsoft (Word, PPT, etc.), Adobe Photoshop and Snagit Stamps, among others without the fuss.

A Brief on SuperStamps 3D Guys

They work on both Mac and PC, boost 210 ready to use files for presentation, article, blog and other content type, come in two size of 256 px and 512 px (collection totaling to 420 downloadable files) and available in a transparent  PNG file format.

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Peter, Your Snagit Stamps Guide 🙂