You can download the complete collection of 210 professionally designed and created 3D animations if you’re a member. Yes, you got that right! This time around, you don’t have to make things harder for you and your pocket. You just have to download these amazing 3D people to create a visual website content, report or sales letters.

After downloading, you can start customizing your 3D people and include them in your Snagit presentation or content.

FYI: is our best source, for not only this 3D collection, but also the one-stop destination if you’re looking to use…

  • Unlimited File Downloads
  • Royalty-Free
  • Professionally Designed Media Files
  • Highly Organized Content
  • New Monthly Content

Callouts allow you to get premium resources for animation, graphics, HD video backgrounds, music, presentation templates, sound effects, monthly specials and FREE downloads.

SuperStamps 3D Guys

  • Work on all graphic editors, Snagit and others. You can also use them on Microsoft, Adobe Photoshop and others.
  • Compatible for Mac and PC
  • Boost 210 3D guys for use in videos, blogs, presentations and articles, among others
  • Available in two sizes (256 px and 512 px) so you get to use 420 graphic files
  • Come in a transparent PNG file format so you can include it in your sales letters, word documents, background and others

Be Inspired!

Maximize your Callouts membership and turn your presentations into more compelling contents that will get you noticed!

Now, you don’t have to spend hours and hours of conceptualizing and spend dollars for hiring someone to turn your visions into reality when it comes to graphics, as you can use these 3D files straight after download and customize it with text, videos and other applications.

They are so easy to use! You can just drop them into any background or color, or insert any of them into your marketing content in minutes.

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Individual: $27/month, $16.40/month for a yearly subscription

For Callouts Premium Members: Download SuperStamps 3D Guys Today!

For Non-members: Join Callouts or Buy SuperStamps 3D Guys on SoftwareCasa!

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