00SuperStampsBusinessWe recently released a set of Business Stamps for Snagit. A collection of Stamps that can be used directly in the Snagit Editor. I got some questions from our readers regarding this new version of stamps. I will try to clarify the difference between the two collections here.

What is SuperStamps?

SuperStamps is a collection of stamps that can be used directly from inside the Snagit Editor. You just drag the collection to your Snagit Stamps folder and it will automatically appear when you are working with your screen captures in Snagit.

What’s the difference between SuperStamps v3 and SuperStamps Business?

superstamps250SuperStamps v3 is more of a general collection of Snagit stamps. In the collection you find 23 different categories of stamps spanning over a wide area of topics.

For example you find a lot of number stamps, school related stamps, arrows, text bubbles, symbolic stamps and much more. The collection includes over 1,300 different stamps.

SuperStamps Business is more targeted towards office use. In this StrategyMeetingcollection you find 3D characters, business icons, documentation rubber stamps and so on. The collection includes 264 business related stamps.

Both collections can be used directly in the Snagit editor or if you wish, you can also use them directly in any business application such as Powerpoint, Word, Excel, or on webpages, videos and so on. All the stamps are royalty-free so you can use them in your business.

Should I invest in SuperStamps v3 or in SuperStamps Business

There is a small overlap between the two collections, but all in all I think you will find both collections extremely valuable. We also offer these as a bundle.

I love your resources, where can I get more?

fun2Apart from the two collections described above we also have a collections called SuperStamps Monsters. With this collection you can create your own characters, emoticons and little scary monsters directly in Snagit just by dragging and dropping different elements on top of each other.

We also have a collection dedicated towards the use of Stamps in videos. This collection is called SuperCallouts.

And finally we run a membership site with more than a thousand resources that can be used as Stamps in Snagit or with video creation, called Callouts.

I need custom made Stamps

We love to get suggestion of new stamps to add in our collections. Please go to Callouts.com and suggest your ideas here

What Stamps are included in these series

I suggest you head over to the pages where we describe the different SuperStamps packages more in detail to get an overview of exactly what’s included.

Check out SuperStamps v3 here!

Check out SuperStamps Business here!

Here is also an overview of the different groups of stamps that are included in SuperStamps Business


I hope this presentation clarified the different collections. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions below or comment in general.

Happy Snagging 😉