superstamps-for-blogsI need your brilliant input…

Stamp your footprint. Help me build the next SuperStamps (Snagit Stamps add-on)!

I’m creating a new SuperStamps Snagit Stamps add-on package. It will include as many professional graphics as the original SuperStamps (197 high grade vector png files). The contents is focused on being suitable for blogs/websites and it will appropriately be named SuperStamps Blogs 😉

So I am calling all bloggers and website masters out there for help building this graphics pack. You will be the co-creator so to speak 🙂

I need your help with suggestions of what graphic icons should be included. What graphics do you need for your blog?

We will give out a free copy of SuperStamps Blogs for every suggestion that’s included in SuperStamps Blogs.

To the left you can see some examples of what’s included in the original SuperStamps Pack. You can also download 20 free SuperStamps here.

Please post your suggestions Graphic Icon suggestion in the comment area on this blog (below). And include:

1) What Text or Icon would you like
2) What color
3) What shape should the graphic/icon have
4) Anything else that may clarify your idea

It should be stamps that is useful for everyone. I can’t include personal stamps for example with names and so on, unless your name is Blog 😉 Of course you don’t need to have a blog or website to suggest cool stamps.

I really love to hear your suggestions so please post it below now and if I include it you will get a free copy of SuperStamps Blogs value $20.00!