We have developed a Snagit Stamp Graphics Pack called SuperStamps.

SuperStamps includes 197 professionally designed graphics/icons that you can access and use directly from within Snagit. (UPDATE: SuperStamps version 2 includes 654 Stamps)

As a small token of our appreciation to our Snagit Guide readers, we are now giving away a smaller version with 20 completely new images (not included in SuperStamps) to all Snagit Guide visitors.

You can freely download this package and use it in both educational, commercial or for private use. The only thing we ask you is to not resell it.

Download your Snagit SuperStamps MiniPack here.

See below for some examples of what’s included.

Already a SuperStamps owner?

Do not dispair, this bonus pack includes 25 Completely new icons not included in your original package.

What’s it for?

You can use SuperStamps directly from within Snagit. Just download the .zip folder and unpack it. Then place it inside your Stamp folder in the Snagit Catalog.

But SuperStamps also work excellent in:

– Camtasia Studio as Callouts
– Microsoft Office to enhance reports/whitepapers and so on
– PowerPoint
– And any application where you can use graphics to enhance your statement.

I have an old version of Snagit?

No worries, you can use SuperStamps MiniPack with all versions of Snagit. But if you are ready to start using Snagit 9 you can Upgrade Snagit Here.

What about Copyright?

SuperStamps and SuperStamps MiniPack come with a generous license agreement. You can use these icons even in commercial products or work. The only thing you can’t do is to resell them as graphics or part of a graphics pack.

What’s included?

To keep the size of this email down I have just included smaller image examples. The actual images is 256×256 pixels and because they are made in PNG format you can make them as big as you like without any quality loss.

Download your Snagit SuperStamps MiniPack here!

SuperStamps MiniPack is great but what if I want the whole deal?

Check out SuperStamps Full version – 654 Professional Vector Grapichs

This is the full version with 654 additional SuperStamps.

Let me know what you think of these Snagit Stamps in the comment area below.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide