Soon Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States and last month it was celebrated in Canada.

I think this is one of the nicest North American traditions. Yes, it’s about eating Turkey, but not only that. Thanksgiving is also the tradition of giving thanks. To say “Thank you!” for all that you are grateful for to your close ones.

That’s why I like Thanksgiving.

To celebrate Thanksgiving I wanted to do something for our visitors and friends. So I created a graphics pack consisting of 8 Snagit stamps. You see all eight stamps on the image below.

You can download this and use as you see fit. For fun, maybe to create your own Thanksgiving cards or where ever you like.

If you own Snagit you can edit and use them directly from in side the Snagit Editor, that’s what I do. But you can also paste them directly into your emails or other Office applications or emails.

Please comment below if you like them. And check out SuperStamps including 654 professional Stamps/Icons.

Happy Thanksgiving 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide