I would like to thank you all for the overwhelming interest we have had for upgrading to Snagit 11 and how much positive feedback we have gotten regarding SuperStamps v3. I am really happy that so many of you find SuperStamps a useful addition to Snagit. Thank you!!!

Please note: Today is the last day to get SuperStamps for $5.00 when upgrading to Snagit 11.0. At midnight March 6th 2012 (Pacific Standard Time) the price goes up to $49.90 for the Snagit + SuperStamps Bundle. If you are ready to upgrade to Snagit 11.0/Snagit 2.0 for Mac – upgrade here now!

I made a video for you 🙂

If you already upgraded and want to get a good overview of SuperStamps or if you are on the fence and would like to see what you get for $5 or if you just want to learn more about how to use Stamps in Snagit, check out this video.

Set the quality to 720p (HD) to see the stamps properly.

I hope you find SuperStamps useful!

If you are ready to upgrade to Snagit 11, please go here!


Peter – Your Snagit Guide