The all new Snagit is definitely exciting, it is modern and has a lot of great improvements. It has a wider range of functions and new features, that  will surely make everything  faster and more efficient ( latest versions:

Snagit never fails to make itself better to offer more helpful tools that produce 100% best results.

Although there will still be some of us who would prefer to use its old version for some reason. If that’s also the case with you, then you  might want to check out this list of previous versions of  Snagit that I have provided below, all you’ve  got to do is to take your pick and download it in just one click!

Snagit Version 11.4.3 67.66 MB Released: 29Apr2014


Snagit Version 11.3.0 67.99 MB Released: 19Nov2013


Snagit  Version 11.2.1 59.21 MB Released: 4Jun2013


Snagit Version 11.1.0 64.17 MB Released: 9Oct2012


Snagit Version 11.0.1 63.32 MB Released: 29May2012


Snagit Version 10.0.2 31.88 MB Released: 17Jan2012


Snagit Version 10.0.0 30.04 MB Released: 11May2010


Snagit Version 9.1.3 26.39MB Released: 1Oct2009


Snagit Version 9.0.2 21.96 MB Released:1Sep2008


Snagit Version 8.2.3 13.90 MB Released: 1May2007


Snagit Version 8.1.0 13.20 MB Released: 1Jul2006


Snagit Version 8.0.2 13.28 MB Released: 1May2006


Snagit Version 7.2.5 11.31 MB Released: 1Oct2005


Snagit Version 7.1.2 10.31 MB Released: 1Jan2005


Snagit Version 7.0.3 8.82 MB Released: 1Apr2004


Snagit Version6.3.0 5.98 MB Released: 1Jun2003


Snagit Version 6.2.2 5.76 MB Released: 1May2003


Snagit Version 6.1.3 5.34 MB Released: 1Jan2003


Snagit Version 6.0.2 3.84 MB Released: 1Mar2002


Snagit Version 5.2.2 3.29 MB Released: 1Sep2001


Snagit Version 5.1.1 2.92 MB Released: 1Nov2000


Snagit Version 5.0.2 2.74 MB Released: 1Apr2000


Snagit Version 4.3.6 1.69 MB Released: 1Aug 1999

For years, creating presentations  for a business meeting has never been this enjoyable and efficient without SNAGIT.  It is a very useful screenshot tool which offers more than just taking a snap of a certain page. It helps you make your work easy without causing you too much time to do it. It is for me,  a replacement for the ancient print screen but with more features and innovative functions.


CAPTURE a screen from online or from a file that runs in your PC, a webpage, an article, or even a page with a scrolling window!

EDIT the saved screenshot by using SnagIt Editor that comes with it. It is used to annotate and improve the quality and presentation of the captured file by using different editing tools. You can crop, resize, blur, change the color or even add stamps on your image/file to give a more dramatic effect.

ORGANIZE. Snagit automatically save your files in a library with search box, so you can easily find the file that you are looking for.

SHARE your masterpiece to your friends via email, flickr, skype or to your website.

Snagit  already has proven itself on its numerous versions  listed above, and it didn’t stop there. It  still have its hunger for improvement to make our lives easier.  After Snagit 9,  we now have Snagit 10 and  the Snagit on MAC!(See the latest versions here: Want  it? then go ahead and Snag- It! ?