Snagit 11.4 for PC has just been released. It comes with many new additions…

The Latest Features Of Snagit 11.4

Step Tool

The faster way to emphasize on a series of steps using Snagit 11 wherein every click will apply a stamp with the next number.

Blur Tool

It offers privacy protection for users, allowing them to conceal or hide anything that they don’t want other people to see. This is made possible by allowing users to make a pixelated or blurry area. This function also allows you to find, use and change anything later when you need to.  To find Blur, go to the tools tab. Then, apply Blur on top of anything you have on the screen canvas. Apart from that, you can re-size or move the blurred region when you want to.

Editor Update

Snagit 11.4 combines some of the tabs as well as combined some Text and Callout tools. These are done to clean up the interface for you.

New Styles

Snagit also updated the tool gallery to help give your screenshots a more modern touch and make your captures a bit more consistent. On the other hand, you can still use the old default styles if you wish to by downloading them below the current page and by finding the .SNAG file.

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