Before Snagit’s introduction, screen capturing was almost impossible, making us spend much time and effort explaining our concepts or ideas to users through text. This method, if effective, could have made us “richer.” Unluckily, it didn’t. Why’s that so?

Online users would spend two minutes the most viewing our pages since they’re occupied to do their routine. If we’re trying to promote our product or service, how could we expect them to even click our “product page” if they would leave our content in the first few minutes before they could even learn on how our product or service could solve their problem?

When time’s a constraint, we might be losing a lot of customers who could have purchased what we’re selling. If they can’t get the gist of what we’re trying to tell them quickly, the worst scenario is that they leave us without even getting the message we try to convey.

Now listen. Imagine if these users could easily see our offers through the use of screen captures of Snagit 11.1. As they say, “a picture paints a thousand words,” so users can get our message quickly if we use videos or images and not long articles or blogs.

How Could That Be Possible?

Struggle no more in internet marketing. Maximize your effort and see the results you’ve been looking for. Focus on visual marketing which is more appealing to users than static and plain contents.

Introducing the best screen capture software today…. Snagit 11.1—the latest version of the breakthrough screen capture software—Snagit, which was first launched in 1990. Snagit v11.1 was launched on October 9, 2012 and is back with added tools and a file tab which make it more convenient and effective to use.

What’s New in Snagit v.11.1?

  • Improved audio recording system
  • Increased video COM support
  • New Look—Snagit Editor
  • Decreased DLL Preloading Vulnerability
  • Bug-Free scrolls if you’re using Firefox
  • No failed website page capture if you’re using Chrome
  • No green ghosting if you’re recording a taskbar
  • No bug issues when Snagit activates a camera in startup
  • No bug problems even if you add a second arrow to a line that doesn’t match the first arrow

Product Details

  • Easy-to-install on Windows XP or later version
  • Compatible for use with Internet Explorer 8, Net 4.0, or later version
  • File size: 64.17MB
  • 30-day Free Trial download
  • Snagit 11.1 Price: $48.95

Benefits to Use Snagit v11.1

  1. Snag just about anything from your desktop PC or Mac.
  2. Create professional-looking images or videos.
  3. Convey messages in a short time.
  4. Sell products or services using Snagit tools to create your images.
  5. Manage contents using
  6. And more… (The more you use Snagit v11. 1, the more you’ll discover ways to use it.)

So, start making appealing images or videos to promote your online content. Why market your products or services using long and boring texts if you could make attention-grabbing and efficient contents that you can easily share to social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook or upload to your blog or website?

Face the competition with better advantage. Use this ultimate screen capture tool to enhance user experience and to convey ideas and concepts better. Start using Snagit v11. 1 today!

If you’re using Snagit v11, upgrade to v11.1 absolutely FREE. Now if you don’t have your copy, download Free Snagit 11.1 Trial, or buy Snagit 11.1 here.