Do you want to simplify your proofreading job?

Here is a new and easy way to proofread your articles! Document editing made easy with Snagit stamps, proofreader.

Snagit gives you a set of different proofreading marks that you can integrate easily on your documents. This is a bundle of stamps that can be used for proofreading jobs.

This set is a very useful, for proofreaders, book editor, editors. This consists of different accents that can be used to mark your articles, and make it easier for you to proofread them. This proofreading symbols are very easy to use, all you need to do is click on your selected mark and stamp it to your desired location.

The pack consists of 57 stamps from 32×32 pixels. Proofreader stamps can be resized and available in png format. See below for an overview of the images.

Download Proofreading job made easy
Download Snagit here