If you are like me — a lover of Snagit and other graphics software alike, you always enjoy getting your hands on nice graphic elements that you can use to enhance your screen captures, perhaps make your reports nicer, more professional and so on.

So I thought I’d share some nice free/low cost graphic resources that you can use as Snagit Stamps…

Snagit Stamps Collection

The first stop should of course be TechSmith’s Stamp collection. All stamps are free to download and use with SnagIt. Among my favorites you find the “stamp” stamps. A collection of words as a stamp (see image) and the Smiley’s.

Click here to open the Snagit Stamps Collection in a new window

Silk Icons

If you spend a lot of time online you have probably seen Silk Icons practically every day. These wonderful little icons are used both online, in reports and in software applications. The silk icon collection is over 700 16×16 pixel icons, many ideal for websites and software.

Go here to download the Silk icon collection (opens in new window)


My sister never let me play with her dolls, I guess that’s why I just love these little guys.

You can go to Stortroopers and create your own, dress him and everything. When you’re done, save him to your Snagit Stamps folder and voila, you have a little stortrooper stamp.

Create your own Stortroopers here

Snagit SuperStamps Collection

As you may have guessed I really use the Snagit Stamps alot so I finally decided to put together a Stamp collection of my own – SuperStamps. Unlike the other resources in the blog post, SuperStamps isn’t free, but I feel they are well worth the $19.95. SuperStamps includes 197 high quality professional stamps in .png format. This means that you can enlarge or shrink them without loosing any quality. They are quite large 256×256 pixels.

You can easily use Snagit and SuperStamps to create an image like this.

I just took one Superstamp, shrunk it to about half the size, copied it into a shadow and did the shadow transparent. Voila, a few seconds later you have a professional graphic image that you can use in a report or perhaps in a blog post.

Go here to read more about SuperStamps

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below if you like the resources above and also please share other free graphic resources that are suitable to use as Snagit Stamps or, well just good graphic icons, stamps and images.

Thanks and have an excellent day 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide