A few days ago my two wonderful kids went back to school. Many of you, our dear readers are also involved in education one way or another.

Creating videos or using Snagit to do screen captures often means that you are trying to educate and to get the message across so to speak.

And to get the message across was a huge driving force when I created SuperStamps. I wanted images and stamps that would help educators in all kinds of organizations to create that extra impact in their videos and Snagit screen shots.

During September you have a chance to get SuperStamps as a free bonus when signing up to Callouts.com. Read on to find out more…

So far SuperStamps has been enormously popular and we are getting rave reviews every day. What users say:

 “SuperStamps has such great variety—no more boring slides. And it’s easy to use, too. My presentations have a lot more punch with SuperStamps. They help to focus the attention on the most important part of the slide and give a professional look to my work. I’m using them in Word, too.” – Dee Whiting

“What I really like about SuperStamps is they are easy to work with and I am no longer producing plain Screen-Shots but “Wow-Shots” –Noel Griffiths, Corporate Customer Solutions, eLearning Kuehne + Nagel Limited, England

“I’m NOT happy with my recently downloaded SuperStamps!! Rather, I’m very, VERY happy with them! They are really cool and very good! Well done.” – Dr. Donald Glass, St James Software IoM Ltd

“I use the stamps almost daily and love them. They are really useful.” – Wendy Edelman, TechSmith, Okemos, MI

“I just want to tell u that i simply love SnagIT. Thanks for those stamps graphics.Keep up ur Team work.” – Susha

“The super stamps was a nice bonus. Already used a couple on my projects for last two days. Great teaching tool” – Ryan Trauman, Louisville KY

“You have a wide selection of excellent looking stamps. It’s very impressive.” – Manny Carvalho, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Awardee, TechSmith User-to-User Forum Moderator

So what is SuperStamps?

SuperStamps 3.0 – More Than 1,300 Professional Snagit Stamps!

SuperStamps brings you a huge collection of professional looking, beautiful and highly customizable images/icons. They come in many different colors with a glassy modern outlook. SuperStamps is easy to install and use.

SuperStamps includes more than 1,300 high quality .png images. The collection of images and icons cover wide areas suitable for Technical Reports, Presentations, Websites, Blogs, Web 2.0, Software Applications, Tutorials, Videos and many other areas.

Included with SuperStamps comes a 36 page PDF manual with an overview of all included SuperStamps for easy reference for your projects.

Right now SuperStamps is featured in Callouts.com as a Monthly Special File. This means that you get SuperStamps for free when you are a subscribing member. The monthly subscription fee is $19.00 and SuperStamps is normally sold for $24.95 so this should be a no-brainer. Apart from SuperStamps you also get access to many other files. For example several hundred Background Videos in HD format. New unique graphics, Music files that you can use royalty-free in your projects and much, much more!!!

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