Snagit 2019, was just released, and in my humble opinion, this was a huge step forward, especially working with stamps in the Snagit editor. Using SuperStamps in Snagit now works better than ever before!

In this video share a little bit about how SuperStamps works with Snagit 2019. I’ll show you the main benefits of using SuperStamps, some examples of how to take advantage of the new features in Snagit 2019 when working with stamps.


SuperStamps is a collection of visual communication resources, created to aid the presenter, teacher, marketer, trainer, etc to create professional looking visual documentation.
The stamps/icons included in SuperStamps cover a wide variety of areas, for example, you’ll find stamps for educational purposes, business reports, presentations, technical writing etc.

The new SuperStamps v6 includes more than 5,250 stamps that you can access directly from your TechSmith Snagit Editor, only a click away.

Now it’s easier than ever to find the right stamp, the entire SuperStamps collection is searchable directly in the Snagit 2019 editor.

SuperStamps also works in most other desktop business applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TechSmith Camtasia and most graphics, video, presentation, and business software.

SuperStamps also works both on PC and Mac.

Check out SuperStamps v6 here



Hi everyone, Peter here. Snagit 2019, was just released a few days ago, and in my opinion, this was a huge step forward, especially working with the Snagit editor and using stamps. Using SuperStamps in Snagit now works better than ever before!

In this video I’ll share a little bit about how SuperStamps works with Snagit, and more specifically the just-released Snagit version 2019.

The first thing worth noting is that SuperStamps version 6 now comes with an installer. Previously you could install SuperStamps simply by copying the stamp folders into your Snagit stamps library folder, but with this new version, there is an installer included. So once you have unzipped your downloaded file you’ll see the following directory.

You find the Snagit installer in the folder called “Stamps – For Snagit Installation” and in that folder, you’ll see the installer. Just double-click that file and the SuperStamps will then appear in the Snagit editor.

We have also included another folder, that is worth mentioning, called “Stamps- for use in other software”.

In this folder you will find a second copy of all SuperStamps, and if you don’t want to work from Snagit when working with other applications, then you can easily just drag-and-drop stamps from this folder into apps such as Powerpoint, Outlook, Gmail, Camtasia, and most other office, graphics, video, and presentation software.

I’ll cover how to use SuperStamps with other software in another video.

So let’s head over to the Snagit Editor to see the new functionality when

After installation SuperStamps appear as numbered folders in the Stamps section in the toolbar, if you don’t see the stamps icon, you will find it under the More section.

When you open up the Stamps tool, your stamps will appear on the right-hand side of the editor. SuperStamps are located in numbered folders ranging from zero to 199.

With the new SuperStamps version 6, you will have access to more than 5,000 stamps in many different categories.

One of the amazing new features in Snagit 2019 is that the stamps section is now searchable, and I think this will really help you find the stamps you need for your projects much faster and easier.

Let’s do some tests of the search engine.

I would like to find a suitable avatar for my screenshot. I simply write in avatar in the search box in the stamps tool and press return.

After that, you will see the results right under the search box. The folder you are in is also mentioned under the search box, but the results will be displayed from the entire stamps catalog, both from SuperStamps and the native Snagit Stamps that came with Snagit.

Let’s create a new blank capture and place an avatar. Stamps can be resized, change dimensions, you can edit opacity, mirror them, place a shadow and edit the properties of that shadow.

Let me show you another trick while we are at it. You cannot directly apply the effects to a stamp, yet, but to get around this, just place the stamp you’d like to use in a new capture, with a transparent background, Then you will need to flatten the new capture, and after that step, you can apply many of the available effects. Let’s play with Color Adjustments.

The results you get from the searches are based on the tags that we’ve given each stamp, and we have spent a lot of time tagging the stamps, but it is impossible to cover all possible keywords, so a basic overview of the included stamps is also helpful when you want to find that right stamp. That’s why we have numbered and named all stamps in SuperStamps v6. All stamps are grouped and categorized based on styles. In the first folder, called 000 SuperStamps v6 Introduction, we have also included a number of help files. You can place these stamps like any others and then get a bit of additional overview of included stamps.

Let me place the third stamp in that catalog, here

This is an overview of all included stamps, with their name and number.

The first 20 folders are new and updated stamps, 20 to 30 are focused on numbers, 30 to 40 are flags, arrows and infographics related stamps, 40-50 are doodle graphics, 50 to 70 are new and recently released icon related stamps, 80 to 90 are overlays and backgrounds, under 100 – 112 we collected our legacy stamps and in 190-199 you’ll find various bonuses and showcases of our other SuperStamps collections.

To summarize a little bit about why SuperStamps and Snagit now work so well together:

– SuperStamps v6 now comes with a single installer
– SuperStamps v6 is highly structured and organized
– In Snagit 2019 you can now use the stamps search function to locate the stamp you need quickly and easily.
– We have done a lot of work tagging the stamps, so you can easily find suitable stamps for your project
– We’ve included more than 5,000 stamps, so you should be able to find suitable stamps for a wide variety of different projects

I hope this video gave you a little bit of overview of the new SuperStamps 6 and all the useful stamps we’ve included. If you would like to see more about what’s new in SuperStamps v6, check out the video showcasing them.

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Thanks for watching!