A minor Snagit update was released on June 4th. This update includes a large number of bug fixes, and so it is recommended. It is also a free update for Snagit 2019 owners. 

You can download the update via your Snagit interface. Just go to Help/Check for Update.

Update Details

4 June, 2019: Snagit 2019.1.2

  • Snagit now supports multi-monitor varied DPI computer setups!
  • Improved capture delay of Chrome browser window
  • Resolved crash during active window capture of Internet Explorer browser
  • Resolved Crop tool edge and controls issues
  • Improved in-app message tips to be more timely and prevent popups when Snagit is not actively used
  • Resolved rounded rectangle issues and set them as default shape in
  • Auto Simplify
  • Improved canvas logic for auto expand
  • Resolved issue of static screens corrupting portions of video recordings
  • Resolved issue of OneNote hotkeys affecting Snagit
  • Resolved help url link issues in Capture Window and OneClick
  • Resolved several memory leaks
  • Resolved crash when using large dimensions in a fixed region capture
  • Removed requirement for video description and tags during upload to YouTube
  • Improved error messages when combining large images and during sign-in
  • Improved moving objects with keyboard when moving outside of the canvas
  • Resolved incorrect pixel size of images in resizing tooltips
  • Resolved updater “Failed with -1” issue
  • Update to new Screencast API, which leverages oAuth for more secure authentication. This change will require you to sign out and sign in for sharing to Screencast.com
  • Numerous other bug fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements

Stay tuned for more SuperStamps and Snagit news.