Yesterday a minor update was released for Snagit 2020. Even though it’s a minor update, it included a lot of fixes.

If you still find yourself on version 2019 or earlier, you can upgrade Snagit at half the price of a new full version here.

New Bug Fixes

Here’s a breakdown of 2020.0.1 newly added bug fixes and updates. My comments are in bold.

  • The former method of Combining Images (introduced in Snagit 2019), has now been moved to the top of the list in the Template picking window. It’s called “Custom Steps”

Note that, the Custom Steps template is only appearing after you have marked several images in the recent bar. And I wasn’t able to see it every time, so this is not a completely straightforward process.

  • Fixed a crash when, in certain circumstances, an image is dropped in a drop zone and then exiting Snagit Editor
  • The Enter key now commits changes when editing drop zones
  • Clicking anywhere in Editor will now exit drop zone edit mode
  • After entering and exiting drop zone edit mode, Undo and Redo work better and drop zones are more stable
  • No longer showing drop zone placeholders when flattening or saving an image
  • Improved the sorting and category order of the Template picking window
  • Faster load times for the Template picking window
  • Added a Video from Images hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+V
  • Reduced the likelihood that Video from Image captures can freeze due to unreliable audio devices
  • There should now always be at least a few tools available to draw with when entering Video from Images mode

You can add additional tools to your Quick Styles, and they will be accessible during the video creation process.

  • More work to keep drop downs out of the recording area when recording in Video from images mode
  • Can now drag items all the way to the right to re-order when in Video from Image mode
  • Improved the accessibility of navigating the video recording UI with the keyboard
  • Simplify glyphs should now have better contrast when a color close to white is chosen
  • The Box output handles filenames better when sharing
  • Fixed other crashes, performance, and security issues.

This is a free update for Snagit 2020 users. Just go to Help / Check for Updates to see if you need updating or not.