The new features in TechSmith Snagit 2019 have been focused on the Snagit editor, which is the software that opens up after you have taken your actual screenshot. Here I’ll briefly cover the four new main features, how to access and use them.

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The new Favorites Tool

After installing the new version of Snagit you will find a new tool in your toolbar, called Favorites.

Here you can collect all your favorite and most used Quick Styles across the different tools in the Snagit Editor. It’s a very handy way of having quick access to your most used tools. There is no problem mixing different kinds of tools, you can for example add Arrows, Callouts, Shapes, Highlighter and  Stamps.

It’s easy to add any tools to favorites, just click on the small white star the upper right-hand corner of the tool you would like to add and it will instantly appear among your favorites. But don’t click on your favorite tool when it’s already in the favorites folder, as this will remove it from the favorites again.

All in all a very handy tool to speed up your Snagit editing process.

The new Combine Images Tool

Combine Images is a tool that quickly collects several screen captures and organized them as one. You will not find this tool in the toolbar, but it appears when you have chosen several screenshots in your recent or library modules. After choosing the images you want to combine, simply right-click on one of them and choose Combine Images. If you only have one image chosen, then the Combine Images function will be grayed out.

Once you have chosen to combine images, a new window will appear where you can choose the order of the screenshots, title, if you would like portrait or landscape layout and the color theme you would like to apply. You can also add captions and number images.

If you, like me, often combine images by cutting and pasting between screenshots, then you’ll find this tool a big time-saver.

The new Simplify Tool

A nifty new tool from the makers of Snagit, called Simplify, that does just that, simplifies screenshots by exchanging texts and other parts of the screenshot with more basic shapes. You can do this by automation, or freely change and edit the simplified graphics.

To access the tool, simply choose Simplify from your toolbar (or drop-down under more if you don’t see it right away).

After you have chosen Simplify, the menu will appear on the right-hand side, with the options of simplification. You can either do an Auto Simplify, which usually is a very good starting point. You have access to a number of simplifying graphics that you can easily apply manually to get the exact look you want from your simplified screenshot. A small note, do not click to place the simplified graphics, instead, you will need to place the cursor over your screenshot and drag it out.

Here is an example of how the simplified screenshot may look.

This is a great tool to break down and make more complex screenshots simpler by focusing in on the important parts. If I could have one wish, it would be that the simplified image would create a second screenshot instead of applying the basic graphics on top of your original screenshot, but all-in-all I think this is an amazing addition that I know many people will find extremely useful.

The new Search Stamp functionality

And finally the last, and in my opinion the best new feature. A small search bar has been placed in the Stamp Tool on the right-hand side of the editor. It doesn’t matter which folder you are accessing, you will very quickly search through all the stamps that have been tagged in your Stamp catalog, and this includes SuperStamps v6 as well.

The example here is from SuperStamps v6, when searching the stamps for cartoon styled assets.

As a compliment to locating the stamps you need by looking into the folders, you now also have access to search for them, and the results are displayed very fast. I still feel the graphics could be slightly larger when showcasing the stamps, but all-in-all an amazing addition to an already fantastic software.

I hope you found this overview of how to access and work with the new features in Snagit 2019 was useful. And if you are ready to upgrade or order Snagit 2019, please proceed via the following links.

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