ColorizeAre you editing your photos? Sure, Windows have some tools to let us crop, edit the brightness and contrast, and re-size them, but it is  not at all complete.

Since your photos are captured moments in your life, you might want to make your them livelier and more vivid using Snagit 11.

This is the tool that you need to enhance your photos. It contains more than just editing options. You can use stamps, callouts, and other effects that would make your images better and more professional.

So, if you’re looking to create your albums, you can do just that. You can store your photos in separate albums based from your chosen themes. Now, that’s even more exciting.

Before you upload and share your photo to social media sites such as Facebook and to your very own blogs and websites, you can become satisfied of the outcome by editing your photos until you get satisfied.

By clicking the folder tab on your Snagit editor, you can grab your photos from your desktop and start editing them. Easy does it! When you’ve imported the images, you can simply edit them using options such as Draw, Hot spots, Tags, and other tools. You can choose among the wide selection of editing tools that come with your Snagit 11.

Before (Original Image)

After (Effects Applied Using Snagit Editor)

Image with an Equalized Histogram

Image Sharpen at 100%


Image With a Greyscale Effect

image with gray scale

Image With a Perspective Effect

image with perspective effect

Image With Torn Edges

image with torn edge effects

Image Half Toned at 90 Degrees

color effects_half tone at 90 degrees

Image With 2% Blur

blur at 2 percent

Image With a Section Magnified at 200%

image magnified 200 percent

Photos Made More Elaborative in Easy Steps…

You don’t need to hire a professional to enhance your images but you can do it yourself. This is one project that you will surely become proud of. You can edit your photos until you’re much delighted of the results.

So, keep snagging! Discover more ways on how to make more elaborative and special images using your Snagit 11 and Snagit 11 Editor.

Get your Snagit 11 now!

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