fun2There is nothing more frustrating than presenting in front of a group of people who are not paying any attention. You can avoid this by delivering a killer presentation that will keep them listening from beginning to end. There are many tools to use but the hottest and most comprehensive that you can use is Snagit.

Killer Presentation Using Snagit

Get screen captures of any browsers or programs that will make your examples more realistic and interactive.

Snagit OneClick helps you capture anything that you need for your presentation.Whether it is content from a browser or a program you can quickly capture and edit using Snagit.

Make your examples more comprehensive.

Listeners will start to tune out when you start confusing them with explanations about a difficult topic. You can avoid this by showing a Snagit screen video for reviews and demos that will make the topic more interesting and easier to understand. If you are getting the content from Youtube or any other sites, Snagit can help you record the audio coming from the video playing on the PC.

Highlight the important content in your presentation.

Snagit is the tool to use when you want your audience to focus on a certain part of the content. You only need to pick the portion or content that you wish to highlight then use Snagit to darken or blur the unnecessary parts.


Think out of the box and make your images pop through effects.

Not only does this spice the presentation but it also draws attention. Using Snagit, you can add arrows that will direct your listeners to what you are trying to explain or emphasize. You can even add text callouts or put a torn edge effect on the captured content to make images stand out.

Explore what others fail to.

Some limit their presentation because they have to hide sensitive content but with Snagit, you can be different. Your presentation will be more complete while you still manage to conceal private data by blurring it.

Stay organized.

Messy presentations are a headache but you can stay on top of things with Snagit. You can work methodically like continuously capturing images that you will need. Snagit automatically saves these captures in the library so you can easily get back to them in the location you specified. You no longer have to keep on searching or wondering where you placed an image. In case you want to refer back or use an image you have captured several weeks or months ago, you can easily use Snagit to search either by website, date, or flag assigned to the file.

Leave your audience with their own copies of the image and video captures that you prepared.

If you want to enhance learning and retention, you can make your output easily accessible to the audience by sending or sharing. You can use the power of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Evernote.


A killer presentation is no longer far from your grasp. It can now be yours with the help of Snagit. Test your creativity and be a more effective speaker or discussant by using these Snagit tips  for your presentations.

Until Next Time, 

Peter, Your Snagit Guide 🙂