snagit112oneclickSnagit is a helpful tool when you want to make your presentations stand out. This tool also aids when you want presentations to be a total package filled with ample and motivating data. Do you know that there are ten more tips that Snagit can do to change your presentation from drab to fab?

The 10 Snagit Tips That Will Change Your Presentation  From Mediocre to Amazing

  1. Stamps can complement and tell your story. Instead of verbal words or plainly showing text, the stories become more appealing when you use Snagit Stamps to complement images and written instructions.
  2. Effectively guide your audience to the next concepts using direction and motion arrows. It does not just provide a seamless transition from one concept to another but Snagit arrows make it easier for you to explain or illustrate the connections between concepts.
  3. Give the spotlight on what needs to be emphasized. Snagit’s spotlight feature works by dimming the background so only the most significant portion of the graphic is showcased in the presentation. This will also be helpful when you want to magnify or blur selection which are not necessary.
  4. Trim what is irrelevant. If you are dealing with large screens or dialog boxes but only need small portions of these for your presentation, use the Cut Out Tool so annoying dead spaces can be eliminated and the output image becomes more relevant and useful.
  5. Add a professional touch to your presentation. Curb appeal can be added to your presentation by simply integrating a border or dropping a shadow effect on the images. Snagit makes your images more striking especially when you need an anchor for floating or borderless images.
  6. Change captured files for improvement without going over the same process again. You just save the shot in the SNAG format so you can keep vector-based objects like the stamps, arrows, callouts, shapes, text boxes, and more. Then, you can resize, move, or delete vector based objects that you no longer need.
  7. Annotate like no other. When you want to call the attention of your audience to a part of the screen capture, you can use Snagit to annotate using arrows, texts, and shapes.
  8. Several screenshots into just one image. If you captured important data from other pages but want to connect it with what you captured from another screen, you can use Snagit to combine these multiple shots into just one image. This keeps your  topic interrelated.
  9. Bring life to your presentation with video screenshots. With Snagit, you can record demos and add these as video screenshots in your presentation. You no longer have to grasp at straws on how to vividly describe a process. You can just show them the demo using Snagit.
  10. Fine tune your presentation. With Snagit, you can make the screenshot background appear cleaner. You just fine tune to remove unneeded background and be left with what is only essential.


Are you ready to give your presentation a makeover? With Snagit, it is easy. You can now explore the creative artist in you and use Snagit to transform ordinary presentations to great ones.

Until Next Time, 

Peter, Your Snagit Guide 🙂