Recently there was a new functionality added to Snagit called OneClick. OneClick gives you the ability to access and change the capture mode you are using on Snagit.

OneClick appears as a little red half-circle at the top of your screen. Place your mouse over it to reveal the different capture profiles in Snagit. If you prefer you can also drag it to your preferred place around the screen.

But you may find that even though OneClick is pretty in-intrusive on your “screen real-estate” that you aren’t really using the functionality.

The print-screen button on your keyboard is connected to Snagit and your last use capture profile. So if you are normally using the same capture profile, OneClick may not add to your workflow.

To turn off OneClick is easy. Just open your main Snagit window. At the left-hand side under the Quick Launch items you find the control to turn OneClick on and off. Just click it to turn it off, and if you change your mind, click it again to turn it on.


You may find that using the print-screen keyboard shortcut to access Snagit is faster than to locate the OneClick functionality on your screen, open it and chose to capture. It also forces you to move away from the area you are working on.

I hope this little quick productivity tip was helpful.