I don’t think it’s a secret among Snagit users that Snagit can have a great impact on your productivity. Many people I speak with use Snagit to explain things to people around them because it’s easier to explain with images and text instead of just using words.

But there are several things you can do to increase your productivity when using Snagit, and I’ll try to cover one item that really speeds up my work with Snagit.

To work faster and to simplify my work with Snagit I use the Quick Access Toolbar in the Snagit Editor. I have prepared a video showing you how to set up and add functionality to your toolbar.

The video is showcasing an older version of Snagit, but you set this up the same way in the current version.

This is the top bar you see in the editor. Most likely my toolbar has more icons than yours…


So why do I have so many? I have included more icons to simplify and speed up my work with Snagit and you can easily do the same. I have included the icons/commands that I use more often. Tasks and actions that I often repeat over and over again.

Furthermore I have included the icons in the order that I work. This is important because it helps me find them fast and to get a streamlined work flow when working with a lot of images. For example I often add Callouts before I resize or flatten my images.

streamline-workflowSo how do you go about setting up your Quick Access Toolbar

Click the round Snagit Icon in the upper left hand corner and choose the Editor options.

editoroptionsIn the Snagit Editor window, go to Customize.

Here you can choose the Icons / Commands that you often need to access. Just locate your Command on the left hand section and click the Add button to move them to your Quick Access Toolbar.

To change the order of the commands in the toolbar just choose the Command you want to move in the right-hand side and click the up or down arrow to change positions.

You can also add separators to make it easier to overview your toolbar by choosing the command <Separator>.


That’s all there is to it. Now try this out for yourself and add some of the Commands that you use often to your Quick Access Toolbar. I promise you will find that it facilitates your work and increase your productivity.

Do you have any productivity tips for Snagit? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please comment below both what you thought about this article and if you have any tips to boost productivity.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide