Tutorial2Snagit 11.1 is now made compatible with our Windows 8. This software will operate on your touch screens though it hasn’t been made for the Windows 8 gestures.


If you wish to open your Snagit version 11.1 on your Windows 8 OS, open your OS from it start screen, and then you should complete one of these tasks:

  • Drag on your mouse to the left portion of you screen.
  • Click to choose ‘search.’
  • Input the word ‘Snagit.’
  • Double click so you can open your software from the results.
  • Right click on your start screen.
  • Press ‘all apps’ located at the screen’s bottom portion.
  • Scroll through all your apps which are setup by groups.
  • Find Snagit listed at ‘TechSmith’ group.
  • Double click. That would open your software.


Meanwhile, I got some email asking how to capture on Windows 8 and that is what I’m sharing next. This latest screen capture tool is made compatible for touch screens of tablets, Smartphone, and other gadgets though you can still use your keyboards and mouse.

Take note that the utilities and applications found in your start screen can lose it focus when you hove away from the screen. If you wish to improve your experience, you can check for hotkeys and setting up. Go here to learn capturing on Windows 8 using your hotkeys.

Adding to the Taskbar or Start Screen

StarIf you wish to access Snagit fast, you can also work on customizing the apps to appear in your taskbar or start screen. All you need to do is to right click on the software from your applications list, and then pin it to start. Otherwise, you can add the software in your taskbar by right clicking your software from your apps list, and then choose to pin on your taskbar.

Basically, this is how you get started with Snagit for Windows 8. If have questions more questions, you can post your comments below, and I will try my very best to answer them for you.

I hope this post clears up some of your Snagit on Windows 8 startup questions. Keep snagging, guys! Will see you around….

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