Meet Your Friendly Ghost

Halloween is just around the corner. You might be in for a trick or treat surprise to your friends, loved ones, and anyone online. Recently, launched 10 Little Monsters Emoticon Collection.”

You’ll get these FREE! You can download them directly at whether you’re a member or not. You can add it directly on your Snagit screen captures. Record any images or videos on your screen and add some “ghosty” emoticons or backgrounds. You can also adjust their transparency using your Snagit for a ghostlier effect.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Chocolate Loving Ghost
  • Cool Blue Monster
  • Egghead Blue Eyed
  • Evil Emoticon
  • Even More Evil Emoticon
  • One Eyed Baby Monster
  • Red Devil
  • Scary Clown Emoticon
  • Smiling Ghost
  • Vampire Emoticon
  • BONUS: Scary church background
Here’s a video of our Little Monsters Emoticon Collection!

Spread a scary but cute message this Halloween. Enjoy using Snagit and make it more fun with Little Monsters. Download Little Monsters Emoticon Collection Today

See Little Monsters Snagit Stamps Collection video on Youtube