Snagit 11 – Best Capture Software?

Snagit 11 is making much noise online and is dubbed as “the best screen capture software in the market” today. So, I decided to try and see Snagit 11 Trial download for myself. What came next was that I found myself hooked to using it for hours.

I’ve always been skeptical trying any screen capture software because I thought that using my computer’s printscreen option is enough. I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong until I started using Snagit 11.

This screen capture software comes with all options, tools, and features I was looking for. Today, let’s dig deeper into this screen capture software and see what it has in store for us.

Let’s Start Dissecting Snagit 11…

This software offers a variety of options and tools in screen capturing. Use different filters if you want to personalize your captured images before you share them on YouTube, Facebook, or just anywhere online.


User-friendly Interface

Another thing I love about Snagit 11 is that it’s very easy to set up. It comes with a tutorial on how to use it and is really easy to understand. No matter what your technical proficiency is, you’re sure to learn using Snagit 11 in an hour or less. I learned using my Snagit 11 under 10 minutes.

Format Options

Snagit 11 allows me to select the screen capture format I want like copy to clipboard, full screen, and all-in-one, among others.


Editing Capacity

Snagit 11 comes with editing tools like adding new pictures or images onto any screenshot. It can also change its viewing perspective. It’s worth mentioning that it comes with tools to capture color values, videos, clips, and images. Plus, this software allows me to capture just about any color values I prefer. There are also editing options which I can use to improve my images’ overall look.

Entire Website Page Capture

I tried using Snagit 11 to capture website pages and it did just perfectly. I scrolled down the entire page and used the freehand tool to trace around any portion of the website page I wanted to capture. Aside from that fact, I found another option to capture website pages. All I have to do is to copy and paste the URL and Snagit do the job of pulling any image from the link.

Honorable Mention Snagit 11 Features

• Organizer section
• Quick toolbar
• Preview window
• Webpage catalog maker
• Batch converter
• Capacity to import images from scanners or cameras
• Capacity to send emails
• Customer support

Snagit 11 conquers screen capture technology. It’s an all-in-one screen capture software package that everyone should try. Not only image or screen capturing does Snagit 11 dominates but also the editing capacity that every screen capture program must have.


Hard to set up email with the software

Pricier than other screen capture software. But this is easily compensated by the array of additional functionalities and the productivity boost I get by using Snagit.

Conclusions and Recommendations
No other screen capture tool comes close to Snagit 11. This version comes with complete tools I need for image and video capturing. Indeed Snagit 11 is the best screen capture in the market today. Although it’s a bit pricier than other competing products, I believe that with its ease of use and advanced features, there’s no other screen capture software to match what Snagit 11 can offer.

Buy Snagit 11 or Get your Snagit 11 trial download now! Snag on. 🙂