As you may have guessed, I love Snagit and use it every day, all day long. But what you may not know is that even though my day job is selling software, I have a hard time adapting to change. And honestly, it took me a while to get used to Snagit version 11 and 12.

Not so with version 13! This new version of Snagit is a huge step up. It looks nice, is faster than ever before, easy to customize and finally a great solution for scrolling captures called “Panorama capture”.

All in all an amazing new version, and in my book, well worth upgrading. If you haven’t upgraded yet, go check out the new Snagit and grab the SuperStamps bonus at the same time. So why is it well worth the upgrade?

Snagit 13 New Features

The new version is jam packed with new features.


Let’s break it down in no particular order.

Customize your Snagit Editor toolbar


You can easily custom the toolbar by dragging and dropping the functionality you use the most. I try to set it up in the order I use the capabilities, with Editing to the left, effects in the center and sharing to the right.

Panoramic Capture


This is a big one. Scrolling capture has often been a problem, not because of Snagit, but because how webpages are set up with items that interfere when trying to capture a scrolling page. Now you can select an area and then control the scrolling yourself. I have tested this and it works quite well even for pages that I have previously had problems capturing. You can also scroll in any direction and capture.

Higher Video Frame Rate

Go into Snagit, select File/Capture Preferences/Capture and there’s a setting called Video Quality. Set it to high Quality and bump up the capture rate.  While testing this and having a lot going on my frame rate was 28 frames per second. As a comparison movies use a frame rate of 24 fps. In Snagit 12 the frame rate was 15 frames per second or lower.

Webcam Recording

Snagit is perfect to capture video quickly. And added to that is now the possibility of capturing your webcam, great going!

Animated Gif Creation


Export your short small video as a GIF. Gifs are “moving images” that doesn’t need a video player so it’s a quick and easy way to showcase small videos. Once created you can upload it to the web as an image and browsers will play it. The small videos on this page is an example of gifs in action.

Other new features well worth mentioning is the 4K capture, you can now capture a larger screen, use the Magnify tool to magnify an area of your capture, new modern looking callouts and stamps. These are just some of the new features that I really like.

These features has been added to both the PC (version 13) and Mac (version 4). Furthermore and this is a big deal, Snagit Mac now also has the library function which is an awesome addition. Previous Snagit owners can upgrade at half price.

Upgrade to Snagit 13/4 here
Buy Snagit Full version 13/4 here

I’d love to hear what you think, comment below.