improved snagit scrolling captureSnagit was enhanced to produce better scrolling capture that works perfectly with all devices. Because Snagit developers are always working hard on research and building ways on how to create a better working snagit for all users, they come up with the latest improvement that all of you love and know of the software. Check out the latest improved scrolling capture that Snagit has in store for PC and Mac users.



Snagit 12.4 for PC Updates, June 23, 2015

  • System has fixed against bugs.
  • Window scrolling capture is upgraded.
  • Improved memory error linked to Snagit Editor upon computer shutdown or restart.
  • Pre-set not to retain information on Global Capture Hotkey except when Snagit is closed initially.

Snagit Version 3.3.4 for Mac Updates, June 23, 2015

  • Window capture scrolling improved



Are you looking to experience this cool Snagit change? Well you can! The improved scrolling capture is up for grabs as a free update for all Snagit Mac 3 and Snagit 12 PC users!

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