which-style-wonLast week we held a vote on which Snagit Stamp Style we should include in SuperStamps v2 (due to be released on May 11th).

In just  a few hours we had 250 votes and when we closed the voting more than 300 people had picked their favorites.

In this video I’m presenting the Stamps that got the most votes.

I am also showing some very neat tricks on how you can utilize Snagit Stamps effectively.

For example:

  • Learn how to do shadow effects with Stamps a la Macintosh
  • Learn how to quickly create a number series
  • Learn how to preset the size of Stamps
  • How to set transparency

And hopefully many more tricks. Click here to check out the video now!


If you have any ideas about future stamps or suggestions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

Until Tuesday 😉
Peter – Your Snagit Guide