superstamps2We are just a couple of weeks away from finishing our SuperStamps version 2. A lot of work has gone into this Snagit add-on and I am really proud of all the new great looking stamps.


I will also give you a chance to get SuperStamps v2 for free, but more on that when we get closer to launch date…

A minute of your time

Now I just need a minute of your time to shape the last series of stamps. If you can take a moment and just let me know which style of Stamp you prefer and we’ll make a whole series of useful stamps in the same style as the alternative that gets the largest number of votes.

We are going to take a lot of useful Icons and create a whole series of very nice looking stamps that you can use directly from inside Snagit.


So please scroll down and look at the 24 different alternatives we have developed below. Vote on the style or styles that you prefer.

For us to be able to include your suggestion, please vote before May 3rd (Monday) otherwise we will not have a chance to count your vote.

Look over the 24 examples closely and then vote in the comment area below.


Vote on Your Favorite Style by Commenting below. Just mention your favorite numbers 1 through 24. You can vote on up to 3 favorites.

Looking forward to hear your vote!
Peter – Your Snagit Guide