Update Alternative Solution: Check out solution with Custom Scrolling in Firefox here (video)

UPDATE 2011 August: For scrolling issues/problems with Snagit 10.01 and firefox see the last comments for a solution.

Snagit is the Best Screen Capture software – I can confidently say no doubt about it. There’s a cliche that goes, “Nobody’s Perfect.” Well nobody doesn’t necessarily have to be a person, it can also be applied to things and animals. ‘Nothing is Perfect’  well with one exception SNAGIT IS PERFECT 🙂

Today I am sharing one  common issue that some Snagit Fans may have experienced and thought there was no solution.   You get a nice long article that you want to capture and print but oh no! Snagit Scroll Feature won’t work! Relax am here to help you sort this one out.

First of all if you are still using Snagit version 7 or 8 you should think about upgrading. Lots of the little nagging issues in previous versions of Snagit  have been resolved in Snagit 9. I think Snagit 9 upgrade is well worth it

To use the Auto-Scroll Capture feature correctly you need to adjust  some settings. Follow the instructions below: 

For Snagit Version 8 or 9

scrolling tab


1. Select Input

2. Go to Properties

3. Click on Scrolling tab

4. Set the Scroll delay to “0” miliseconds.

5. Set the Scroll direction to “Both”

6. Click Apply, then OK

7. Select Input > Scrolling > Auto Scroll Window

8. Open the program you want to scroll.

9. Click on the Capture hotkey or open SnagIt and click the Red Capture button to start.

10. Once you see the hand-cursor, click on the middle of the window that you want to scroll and wait for a few moments for it to scroll and make the capture.

For Snagit versions 7 and  older



I recommend you use the Custom Scroll Window function because the settings of Auto-Scroll Window will not work properly due to the non-standard scrollbars that redraws during scrolling.

To use Custom Scroll, do the following:

1. Select Input

2. Go to Scrolling

3. Choose Custom Scroll

4. Open the program that you want to capture

5. Click the Capture hotkey

5. Once you see the crosshair scroll that allows you to drag your desired region then click on the down arrow control with the left mouse button to begin the capture.

For windows that is scrolled horizontally, I recommend you use the Extended Window input, most especially if you are using XP. To set Extended Window, do the following:

1. Select Input

2. Go to Advanced

3. Choose Extended Window

If you are unable to scroll, you can also change the Scroll delay value, to do so, follow this:

1. Select Input

2. Go to Properties

3. Click on Scrolling Tab

4. Set the Scroll delay to 300, then 500, then 1000 to see whichever allows you to create a successful capture.

If you continue to have problems performing your auto scroll captures contact our support team for assistance.

That’s all there is to it. I hope this has been helpful to you.

Credits to TechSmith Support Center.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide