Trying out Snagit

I recently got a new associate, Laurie. She’s a skilled computer user but has never used Snagit (if you can believe that), so I wanted to conduct a little experiment on her. To get a fresh view on Snagit I gave her a copy to install and asked her to tell me what she really liked about Snagit. She came away with some really interesting observations.

(Please don’t hesitate to use the comment area below to tell us about your Snagit observations.)

Take it away Laurie…

1. Convert Images

First thing that caught my eye apart from the basic capturing capability of Snagit is the Convert Images option located on the Related Tasks pane. (See image below)

convert-images-locationI thought I’ll need a converter to convert images in different formats, yet when I found out how the Convert images works, right then and there I told myself, “What do I need an image converter for when I have SnagIt? ”

Here’s what makes it coolest, not only can I convert my selected images to different formats, I can also edit them like in Photoshop! Super Cool!

2. Special Effects to Captured Images

Just before I take a shot on the area I want, I can already add an effect prior to capturing the image and even during editing. With a lot of effects I can choose from and just a few clicks, I’m so glad they have this feature. See images below.



3. Send Capture using Instant Messenger

Directly sending an image without going through saving the image and attaching file to the conversation, I can do this directly with Snagit. As long as I’m signed in to my Windows Messenger, I’ll just have to select a contact and voila! The image is attached to my contact’s window, waiting for acceptance. That fast and easy!

4. Stamps

The Stamps tool in Snagit 9 is really cool. Want to know why? It’s because aside from the designs that I can add to my graphic, with the available tutorials, I can create artworks out of using these magnificent stamps, Image Masking, 3D Portrait, Layered Look, Collage Art, just to name a few. What’s more is, I can download different stamp styles online. Only proves that with SnagIt, your marketing skills are improved, so as your artistic side. (See image below). I also like the professional Snagit Stamps SuperStamps.


5. Tag: Flags

Using this one is just like responding to emails or in forums, you know, flagging which ones are Important, Personal, Cool, etc. So easy and useful in managing my graphic files. The flags can be seen on the thumbnail of the graphic file displayed at the bottom or via the Library. (See images below.)



6. Tag: Keywords

Another tagging feature provided by Snagit which I also like is the Keywords. Obviously, adding keyword to the captures I made, makes it easier for me in searching them for future use.

7. Search Pane

With the search pane easy to access, searching for graphic files has never been this easy for me.

search-pane-library8. Library

Having the Library makes it easier and faster for me to locate, open and manage the captures I made and the graphic files I have in my computer. It’s like I went to Windows Explorer with no effort made. See image on the left.

9. SnagIt beneath SnagIt

Another thing I love about SnagIt is you can capture it by using SnagIt itself! Find it confusing? Don’t be, it’s easy, really! I’ll tell you how: Go to Tools> Program References > Program Options > Uncheck Hide SnagIt before capturing.

Amazing huh! Saved me time from downloading & installing another software to do the simple trick.

10. New Interface

capture-screenYou see, I love black! A lot! So basically, the new interface of the SnagIt 9 suits perfectly to me. Apart from the fact that its my favorite color, it gives any user the impression of a modernized and “techie” look compared to the previous interfaces. Big change! Cool Features! Great Benefit! Love it!

Thanks Laurie, what a nice fresh perspective on Snagit. If You have other impressions, please do share them in the comment area below.

If you (as Laurie) is new to this software go here: Read more about Snagit 9.0

If you already are a Snagit user but want to upgrade to the latest version you can do that here: Upgrade to Snagit 9.0

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide