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A typical computer user, normally uses a number of different applications a day. You will find that most users are happy with the applications that provide a friendly user interface.

Snagit 9.0 arrived with a  bang and most users were quite pleased with all the new features. But the developers quickly realised that there was something missing with the user experience.   Within no time Snagit 9.1 was released and Snagit funs were left speechless in awe of the full user experience of Snagit 9.1.

If you already own Snagit 9.0 you can upgrade to Snagit 9.1 for free, see instructions at end of this article.

Many Snagit users complemented the software’s changes and that includes the fluent UI, it’s so proud of most specifically the Ribbon.

A ribbon is a strip of buttons and functions usually found across the top of the main window, where you’ll find commands and functions you need and want accessible and convenient in performing tasks.

Ribbons also play a vital role in the making or breaking of the whole graphic user experience.

Below are the things that make the Snagit ribbon a good one:


The pre-defined and user-created capture profiles makes it convenient and easier in performing tasks especially when it’s the normal day to day tasks.

Cursor Tools

As fast and easy as a right-click, you’ll get the tool-box with all the necessary tools for your context.


Live Preview

Getting the change preview is easy, and the change will not be automatically applied. In every option you select, you’ll see a live preview making it easier and faster to make decisions.



Ribbons are normally found at the top and will always be there, worry not of toolbar scramble.

Snagit now joins the list of Fluent UI’s and using Snagit’s Ribbon makes our day-to-day tasks as easy as A-B-C.

How to Upgrade to Snagit 9.1 for Free – (Only for Snagit 9.0 Users)

Snagit 9.1 upgrade is completely free if you already own Snagit 9.0. Just open your Snagit go to help menu and click on “Check for Updates” follow the instructions to download the latest version completely free.

Snagit Upgrade to 9.1 for Older Versions of Snagit

If you own an older version of Snagit you are still eligible to upgrade at a special price just request your Snagit 9.1 upgrade here.

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide