When you capture an image on screen with Snagit it can be hard to hold the cursor exactly in the position where you want the capture edge to be. Of course you can capture a slightly larger area and then cut this in the Snagit Editor. But there is a better way to get that edges exactly where you want them to be.

Let’s say I want to capture the image of the SuperStamps on the Snagitguide blog, but nothing outside the grey area. Instead of capturing outside and then dragging the edges in the editor, like I have done in the image on the left, try the following.

Place the cursor approximately where you want to start the capture, press down the print-screen button to activate capture, then instead of moving your mouse, use the cursor keys to move the corner of your capture in increments of one pixel at a time.

Once you find the exact corner, drag out the entire are with your mouse, stop close to the lower right-hand corner and while you keep the mouse-button down, again use your cursor keys to move the exact point of capture to where you want it to be. Then release the mouse button and you will have your exact corners. No need for further editing of your capture area in the editor.


Try this a couple of times and you’ll see it’s a great time-saver for your exact captures.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Stay tuned for more 🙂