Ever wanted to make your Snagit Captures a little bit more personal?


There is an easy way to add personalization using the Snagit Stamp function located in the stamp Tool.

Just go to the Stamp Tool and choose My Stamps.

Then choose a folder where you want to store your personal stamps. I named a folder stamps inside My Documents/Snagit Catalog.

You can then just drop image files into the folder you chose and you will have these images accessible from inside the Snagit Editor.

guy.gifTo create this personalized guy I went to Stortroopers and created this little fellow.

I then just saved him into my stamp folder. He comes in the .gif graphic format which includes transparency so he is pasted in nicely into most captures.
So whenever I want to add this stamp to a Snagit capture, I just open the editor, go to my stamps and add him onto the capture.

Other possibilities are for example to add your company logo as a stamp.


Until next time 😉