minitoolbar1When working with the Text or Callout tools in Snagit a little menu pops up. This little Menu is called the Mini Toolbar.

In the Mini Toolbar you have a quick access to some of the most common tools, you can for example change font, colors, size of font, bold, shadow and have access to a lot of other helpful tools.

These are useful functions, the only problem is that the Mini Toolbar often places itself on top of what you are writing or if you want to grab a corner and drag something the Toolbar pops up and places itself on top of what you want to reach and you have to fiddle to get to what you want to do.


Well, there is an easy way to solve this problem and only see the Toolbar when you want to see it.

Go to the Snagit Button in the upper left corner of the Editor (1) and choose Editor Options (2).


And simply choose to unclick Mini Toolbar (3).


But, what if I need it sometimes you ask. Well, just right-click your mouse when working and the Mini Toolbar will appear on your command. Now you only see it when you need it.

Thanks goes out to Magus for this excellent tip.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide