eyepicker1This article is about my first learning experience in finding some quick and easy steps to edit colors using the eyedropper tool in Snagit.

One of the handiest and most useful tool in Snagit is the Eyedropper. This has similar functions found in other applications and it is also called colorpicker, color picker, eye dropper or sometimes iDropper.

This tool makes it easy to match, duplicate and change colors in your capture. It’s an excellent tool to copy colors from one image to another.

To start using the Eyedropper, click on the “Draw Tab” then choose from the “Drawing Tools”. Each tool comes with many Styles to select from before you pick a color in the “Outline” or “Fill” toolbar.

As a beginner, it’s not easy to find which other toolbars the eyedropper is connected to. Sometimes, you’ll find them grayed-out and unclickable.


For example when working in the Snagit Stamps Menu you cannot access the Outline or Fill effects (both of which have the Color Picker).

To easily see where the Outline and Fill effects are available, you can start clicking on the available tools in your ribbon toolbar to see which toolbars that aren’t grayed out as you click.


For example when working with the Callout Tool you find that both the Outline and Fill are available (and thus the colorpicker for both of these).

Other options using the eyedropper are also available; open the Snagit Editor, select the image you want to retouch in your “Captures Tray” or the “Library”. Click on the “Image” tab and choose “Canvas Color”. Go to the Eyedropper tool, click and the cursor will turn to a color picker. You can start picking colors from your selected image and as you move the Eyedropper clicking on the colors, you will see the “Canvas Color” toolbar also changes to the colors that you click.


Following the basic steps mentioned above should give a new user of Snagit a better understanding about the locations and functions of the eyedropper tool.

Until next time 😉

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