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Most people I speak with agree that Snagit is the best screen capture software around.But I would also have to add that Snagit is more, it’s a great tool for collaboration work as well. It saves so much time and makes everything much clearer!

Please share any comments, ideas or stories you have about using Snagit in collaboration work in the comment section below. I would love to hear these stories.

Are the following scenarios perhaps familiar to you?

Have you ever experienced chatting with your teammate about an error you see on a web page that he can’t see when in fact both of you are on the same page?

Have you ever tried teaching a teammate how to do certain steps on a software or a website but they don’t seem to get the same end-result you do?

Yes, that can be annoying. Good thing, Snagit can solve these problems between you and your teammates. You can do this with Snagit, by simply taking a shot of those things you have on your screen and a little edit, you can instantly send it to your teammate via instant messaging, email, etc.

To me, as a user working with a team, SnagIt has been very helpful in sending and sharing my ideas, thoughts and instructions to my teammates. Misunderstanding almost never happens and it serves as another layer of added clear and concise communication between the team.

snagit-in-email1The team primary use email and skype internet messenger to collaborate and Snagit enhances both these tools. I paste in instructions in emails as in the example (see image). Then I enhance the images with arrows, comments using the drawing  tool. Please note, for this to work you need to have your email set to html, not txt format.

To easily share when chatting with Skype I also use the Snagit Skype Add-on. This makes it possible to immediately send captures to anyone on my skype chat list. You find the Snagit Skype Add-on here. (Require that Skype is installed on both parties computers.)

I’d love to hear your stories about Snagit as a collaboration tool below.

That’s  all for now until next time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide

PS. If you aren’t using Snagit yet, please read more about Snagit here.

If you are already using Snagit but haven’t upgraded to version 9.0 yet go here to: Upgrade Snagit