Record Video with SnagitHave you ever tried to capture video with Snagit but instead of getting the video you end up with a black or grey screen?

The problem is actually not related to Snagit but usually due to graphics hardware acceleration being used to display the image/video.

Newer media players normally use graphics hardware acceleration on your system.

Read on to see how to solve this…

Graphics hardware performs a “hardware overlay” of video on the screen, which bypasses the normal Windows display memory that Snagit captures.

Most video capture programs which capture video from a video camera use “hardware overlay” by default for their video preview. This problem affects all screen capture programs, and even the image put in the clipboard by the Print Screen key.

The solution is to disable any hardware acceleration in the application that is playing the video or disable hardware acceleration system wide. Because this affects all applications on the system, it may cause performance problems for some applications and some applications may not run at all.

How to disable graphics hardware acceleration globally for all applications

Snagit Black Screen Problems

Windows XP or 2000: Right-click on the desktop and select Properties > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot. Set the Hardware acceleration slider to None.

On other versions of Windows: Select Control Panel > System > Performance tab > Graphics > Advanced settings. Set the Hardware acceleration slider to None.

I hope this little guide was helpful.

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