Snagit 9 Effects

Help me improve Snagit…

In my humble opinion (but running this blog, perhaps a little biased) Snagit is as good as software can be. And I know many readers agree. But as someone once said, there is always room for improvement. That’s why I am curious as to what you would like to add if/when Snagit 9.0 is released.

I will send all comments to the Snagit development team so please include any additions to Snagit that you have thought about, are missing, you would like to add and so on. Please pour your heart out in the comment section below!

If you have colleagues, friends and family using Snagit, please ask them to put in their 5 cents here too.

The popular cliché “think outside the box” is perhaps true, but sometimes it’s easier to “think inside the box” so here is a basic breakdown of areas/functions you may have ideas about or want to change:

  • Graphic interface. Is it easy to use, could it be improved, perhaps a complete new layout? Do you have any other software products that you think has a great layout that Snagit could benefit from looking at and so on. Share your ideas.
  • Capture functionality. Are there any capture modes you feel are missing? Could there be other changes to the capture functionality. Is it easy enough to set up new capture profiles and so on?
  • Editing functionality. What about editing your screen captures, do you use the Snagit Editor, what should be changed in the editor?
  • Sharing functionality. Like to share your images with others, if so – how?
  • Add-ons. Any software you would like to have an output available directly from inside Snagit.
  • Other areas. Any other areas that you feel improvements would be helpful.

OK, I’ll go first…

Here are a few of the things I would like to see improved.

About the interface

Snagit 9 ProfilesI like the Snagit 8 interface, but I would like the software to remember my favorite profiles and steps I have taken to create a profile.

For example when doing screen captures for my blogs I often like to decrease the file size to 75%, set up a shadow and save it in png. After I have done this a couple of times perhaps the software can ask if I would like to make this a Capture Profile.

Editing Functionality

I dream of when will Snagit incorporate layers. If you have done any work with Photoshop you know what I mean. Let’s say you have worked with adding elements to your image, perhaps Text, Stamps or Callouts and you would like to remove one of the elements that you included earlier. Now you can choose to step back in the editor and remove everything that you added until you have backed all the way up to the element that you want to remove.

It would be lovely just being able to click on the element you wish to remove and remove it.

More Snagit Editor improvements

SmartDraw 2008 EffectsI work a lot with the editor and I love the new glassy callouts and similar effects released in I believe Snagit 8.2. It would be great to have more shadow and “button” effects could be added to the editor.

If you have looked at the effects in SmartDraw you know what I mean. The Image here show the SmartDraw shadow effects. Check out SmartDraw 2008.

Another great edit feature would be if I could save a number of steps when editing and perform them as one function. Kind of like the Capture profiles, but in a specific order.

So now it’s your turn, please comment below and let us know what improvements you are looking for.

Talk to you soon 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide