Normally Snagit is set to autostart when you start up your computer. This is a Windows function but you can also control it from inside Snagit.

If you want to turn it off (I wouldn’t imagine why, snagit doesn’t use much resources). Follow these steps…

  1. Open the Snagit application (by doubleclicking the little blue Snagit icon)
  2. Go to Tools / Program Options.
  3. Uncheck the first option Run SnagIt when Windows starts.

Snagit Autostart function

After this you should be all set. But you will no longer have immediate access to Snagit. If you would like to have access to Snagit, but want to avoid seeing it run, open Snagit Program Options and uncheck Use tray icon instead.

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Until next time 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide