LisaLisa is working for Techsmith, the maker of among several other software titles, Snagit. Lisa is by her own admission a “Snagit fanatic”, and that got me curious.

I really wanted to know more about how a really experienced Snagit user utilize the software. Not that it is difficult to use, but I am sure there are ways we don’t know about.

So here we go…

– Lisa, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Wow, this is a loaded question. Where do I begin? I know the list is long so pick out what you want to use…

Professionally, I have been around technology for 10 years in sales and account management roles.

I’ve sold it all – software, hardware, professional/consultative services, training, and website design to commercial and government customers.

I work for TechSmith Corporation, makers of world renowned software including SnagIt (my favorite). I also own a small local pub, open only in the evenings. I work there 5-6 evenings a week and simply love interacting with the people.

– Lisa, that’s just amazing. You sure are an energetic person. So how long have you been using SnagIt?

I’ve been using SnagIt everyday since I started working for TechSmith Corporation in March 2006. Sometimes I use it multiple times a day. I’m sure I’ll use it several times before this interview is over.

– What’s so good about SnagIt?

Another loaded question with too many answers! Just like our website states, you can capture, edit and share anything with a few clicks. Maybe I’ll just start a small list:

1) The ease of use – it is very user friendly! It didn’t take me very long to figure out how to use it.

Snagit Effects2) The editing features are too numerous to mention. I can do anything to an image right down to the very pixel. From photos to documents to web content – it helps me to perfects them all.

3) It has a small footprint on my computer and doesn’t eat up a lot of resources.

4) I can share any of my images with one click of a button – email, IM, online photo sharing to, etc.

5) I can capture small videos to view at a later date or to share with friends or coworkers.

6) The quickness in which you can capture data and edit. Sometimes it takes me only seconds to capture an image and email to the person(s) I want to view the image.

7) The price is right! For all the features you get, management has still kept the price low.

8) SnagIt never argues with me and is so loyal. All my friends love SnagIt, as SnagIt is good to them too. I’ll be faithful ’til death do us part! Do you think my Husband is jealous? 😉

– What’s your favorite ways to use SnagIt?

I love to use SnagIt to communicate with my customers all the time. I’m always taking snags of their account information & instructional documentation for their records.

I send snags of sales leads to our partners, snags from event photos to coworkers, snags of questions about something I might have to my boss, and instructional snags to coworkers who need to understand a particular procedure.

I use SnagIt for my pub as well. I create ALL of my event flyers and menus with SnagIt. I also use it to make notes on electronic documents like scanned purchase receipts and snags of cleared check images.

Some of my favorite ways to use SnagIt are for fun. I can take and doctor a picture and make it look silly, or send comparison snags of funny things that make people laugh.

Snagit– Who do you think would really benefit from using SnagIt?

Everyone, of course! Every profession in every market can use SnagIt in its day to day activities. Every stay-at-home parent, every student, and every volunteer can use SnagIt.

From children in middle school to retirees, doctors, police and everyone in between, they all call me to find out how to better use SnagIt. It just makes communication so much more clear and colorful.

– Any secrets ways to use Snagit that you could share?

There are no real secrets to using SnagIt as the possibilities are only limited by someone’s knowledge of the product functionalities. I enjoy using the “Images from Web Page” capture profile to instantly capture all the images on a particular webpage.

This saves me from having to capture one at a time and saving independently as well. I also love to take two photos, cut the best from one and overlay on the other. I’ve created some really wonderful pictures by doing that type of editing.

Lisa had so much to share about Snagit that I had to split it up into two separate articles.

Stay tuned for part two 😉

Peter – Your Snagit Guide