Snagit 11.0 has just been released with some very interesting new features.

There are many new features included in this new version.

If you are ready, please go here to Upgrade Snagit!

What’s new with Snagit 11.0?

  • Video Capture – Using MPEG-4 video format you can now create screen videos for demos or quick reviews, and share them instantly to YouTube, Facebook, and more!
  • Spell Check – No need to worry of misspelling a word in your screenshot again.
  • New Video Outputs – When you’re ready to share your Snagit video, you can choose from Camtasia Studio for editing,, YouTube, FTP, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • New Image Outputs – Share your images with anyone! Choose from the usual lot, plus the new additions of Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote.

Video consumption has reached near-incendiary levels with YouTube receiving 2 billion video views every day, so obviously video appeals,” said Tifanny Wood.

In fact, video traffic is predicted to increase from 30 percent to 90 percent of all Internet traffic by 2013 — that’s a pretty compelling reason for anyone to get more comfortable with making and sharing video, whether they’re looking to become the next YouTube phenomenon or teach a classroom of college students.

So, as a result of its users’ demand, Techsmith is now delivering an easy-to-use video functionality that will help our users communicate more effectively, while saving valuable time.

Here is a video about what’s new in Snagit 11.0.

And a video more in-depth about the new Snagit video recorder functionality:

I hope you like the new functionality. Please go here to Upgrade Snagit 11.0!

Snag-on 😉

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