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Want a more effective and cozier way of sharing your photos to the world? Wherever your friends, viewers, and users are, you can update them with your lovely and captivating images using Snagit 11. This is your interactive app that allows you to share your photos to the world with only a few clicks of your mouse.

There are certain ways to share your images or albums to your viewers. It offers you free downloadable accessories to use in photo sharing. You can send your captures to any apps and websites for fast sharing. Then, there are also profiles, where you can configure, save, and send your captures in only a few clicks. You can use the profiles and outputs to make streamline sharing and time saving more fun. You can download Snagit Stamps to grab someone’s attention and enhance your creativity.

22 Destinations for Your Snagit Captures

  1. Camtasia Relay
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Evernote
  6. Camtasia Studio
  7. YouTube
  8. Notes
  9. Visual Studio Team System

10. Fog Creek FogBugz


12. TypePad

13. Movable Type

14. OneNote 2010

15. OneNote 2007

16. LiveJournal

17. Skype

18. Flickr

19. MindManager

20. PowerPoint

21. Excel

22. Word

***These sharing options may or may not work in some Snagit Versions. But, it could be otherwise more beneficial if you have the latest Snagit 11 Version  for the best sharing options.

There you have the many options of sharing your photos to the world. Wherever your viewers are, you can easily update them with your latest images using any of these destinations. So, never let your users miss the fun. Let them learn what’s new with you using your very own Snagit 11.

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