In my daily work Snagit is a real productivity booster. But there are ways you can speed up your Snagit Editor workflow even further. I will share the various ways I have found helps me speed up my editor workflow. You may not find all of these tips helpful in your workflow, but I hope you’ll pick up a tip or two to make Snagit even more effective.

1. Customize the Editor Toolbar

customizetoolbarThis is a must if you use Snagit every day. Just open up the editor, and in the tools menu at the top you’ll find a More button. At the bottom of that button you’ll find Customize Toolbar…

Pop it open and then you can drag the most used tools to the top toolbar. I place mine in the order of how often I use them and in workflow order to access them in rapid succession. To make sure your changes are saved, you may want to exit the editor to make them stick.

I wrote a previous article on customizing the editor, it is for an older version of Snagit, which looks a little bit different, but still applies. Check it out here

2. Use keyboard shortcuts instead of Share functions

When moving images to emails, to word or most other applications, I simply use CTRL-C and CTRL-V to copy and paste images over from the editor. The Snagit editor does have a share button with which you can send over images, but for most part, copy and paste is much faster than using the Snagit Editor share options.

3. Use tags in the Library

This is a must when your Snagit Library is growing. In the new Snagit 13, the library can handle multiple words as tags, which is a great improvement. The tag button is found in the lower left corner of the editor.

4. Keep Your Library Clean

Make sure to tag any images you plan to use in the future, and delete the rest to keep the catalog lean. This saves time when trying to locate your images later. I do wish there was an easy way to show only untagged images in the Library, for easy removal, but for now that’s manual work.

4. Use Fuse to move images from mobile phone to Snagit

If you are collecting images on your phone, make sure to install fuse and use it to move images to your Snagit Library to have one place for your images. I experienced some problems hocking up version 13 to fuse, and I may do a tutorial on that later. But if you run into that problem, check out this article that may solve it for you: Fuse fails to connect

5. Use an extra monitor for the Snagit Editor

You may think this is an extreme tip, but I use an extra monitor almost dedicated to the Snagit editor. This helps a lot in my workflow. Snapshot of my workstation 🙂

6. Keep it Dark

I know a lot of people prefer the lighter grey user interface, but once you get used to the darker UI, you’ll notice more details in your images. Give it a chance 😉

What’s your Snagit editor productivity tips?

That’s some of my Snagit Editor productivity tips. What’s yours? I’d love to hear ways to use Snagit even more effectively. Please add your thoughts and suggestions below.