Came across this excellent suggestion on how to expand even further in my arsenal of uses of Snagit, posted by Emily Dallaire in the Snagit Forums.

The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. Use Snagit to video record the Snagit Editor while you add more elements to a previous screen capture.

First open the editor and place the image you want to use in your video. Open the Snagit Preferences and untick Hide Snagit before capturing.


Start a Snagit Video screen recording, use the microphone setting if you want to record your voice and choose drag out an area in the editor to choose your recording area.

Then simply add the elements such as stamps, lines text or whatever while you are recording to create your video.

This is perfect when an image is not enough and you want to present a more detailed explanation via video.

See Emily’s step-by-step process