I found this golden nugget of an article written by Matt Miller on ditchthattextbook.com.

If you are interested in using Snagit in your education, you can find the Snagit Education version for $29.95 here. Both the PC and Mac version included. Also check out SuperStamps EDU with hundreds of educational resources to use in Snagit here

20 Ways to Improve Life in the Classroom with Snagit

In the article Matt covers 20 things Snagit makes possible in the classroom. Matt cover Image capture and video capture ideas you can apply in your classroom.


There are too many great tips to mention here, but some golden nuggets are that the students and use Snagit to turn in work, for mapping quizzes, step-by-step tutorials and summarize videos with screenshots. Here are a few that I really like.

2. Turn in work

3. Mapping quizzes/activities

5. Step-by-step tutorial

6. News article commentary

13. Reports home to parents


Again a bunch of useful ideas of how to use Snagit video capture abilities like have the students create a tv commercial, record video calls and flipped instruction video lesson. Great tips:

15. Stop motion animation

16. Virtual debate

18. TV commercial

20. Flipped instruction video lesson

But there are so many great tips so be sure to read Matt’s full article on how to use Snagit in the classroom here